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Current ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On my runs with the Lord in the mornings…many days He reveals quite a good deal of insight. Other days it is quiet. Other days I am talking (probably more than I should)…but I always enjoy our time together. Such was one morning a couple of months ago. We were having some electrical work done in our backyard and my mind turned to electricity.

Electricity is pretty amazing to me. I’m not a genius…no Einstein…no degree in electrical engineering…not an electrician. This plain ol’ gal just has a basic knowledge of the stuff. I kind of feel the same way about God. I’m not a preacher…haven’t been to Bible college…don’t know the Hebrew or Greek origin of words (doing good to pronounce those actually!)…just a regular gal that LOVES the Lord, read some books, reads The Word, done a few Bible studies. You get the picture. Bible scholar, I’m not. Therefore, you might be able to draw many more awesome analogies than me and that’s great. I’m just sharing some things the Lord brought to my awareness.

Electricity is POWERFUL! It is strong enough to kill you and WILL if you come in contact with enough VOLTAGE. When toned down, we can “deal” with its power but still can’t take a FULL blast of all that it is (and live). We can’t understand or even COMPREHEND God’s HOLINESS. He has MADE A WAY for us through Jesus to have the opportunity to connect with HIM but in these earthly bodies, HIS holiness is too great. He has made a way for us to LIVE.

I think it’s really cool that when I want to charge my iPhone, I just plug it into the wall socket. When I want to use my toaster, I just plug it in. The electricity is there. Waiting. Jesus is there. Waiting. Waiting for us to PLUG IN to Him. Whether I plug in or not, the electricity is THERE. Whether YOU plug in or not, Jesus is there. My iPhone dies without a charge…without the electricity. Short life. Friends, we all die without Jesus. He IS the WAY, the TRUTH and THE LIFE! No one comes to the Father, except through HIM. I can sit and try to do life by myself. Without all the blessings that electricity brings. I can do life without Jesus and miss out on LOTS of blessings. Blessings NOT just in this temporary life but eternal life.

The electricity is there. Still there. It doesn’t jump out of the wall and zap you. It waits on you to plug in. Jesus LOVES US and is WAITING on US to PLUG IN, CONNECT to HIS CURRENT. Once we DO, He brings such power and amazing things into our lives….so why do I forget to connect some days? Why do I choose to live in the dark? When I turn on the light switch in my bedroom, the electricity moves into the light bulb and LIGHTS UP my room. Will I let Christ FLOW THROUGH me? Will I be a LIGHT for HIM??

So my questions for you today my friends are these. Will you PLUG IN to the powerful current of Jesus? Will you let HIM flow through you? Will you illuminate this dark world with HIS LIGHT? Waiting. He is waiting. It just takes YOU making the first move. Connect to HIS current today! IMG_1066