INTENTIONAL..not intentions

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INTENTIONAL…not intentions

So this morning when I was running and talking with God, He began to put some things on my heart (as He usually does). ☺ He began to talk with me about serving. I was looking at myself and thinking of all the areas or ways I could serve. Things I could do but I am NOT doing. Wanting my children to learn to serve, and yet, I am not doing a great job of setting an example in this area. Hard look in the mirror on this one! Hurts sometimes.

So while I have my list of ways I “want” to serve, I seem to be falling way short. It’s NOT that I have a list of excuses, either… no, actually it’s probably worse…I am just existing. Friends, do you know what I mean? For example, now that I’m off of school this summer, I had all these plans (BEFORE school was out) of ways I was going to serve or invite people over for fellowship and things like this, but here it is June 19th and I have only opened the doors of my home once so far. I am in a routine…get up, run/pray, workout, breakfast, shower, athletic conditioning camp, lunch, relax, dinner plans, facebook/watch sports, go to bed. There. That is my everyday so far. It’s not a day full of evil plans. I’m not killing people or stealing money. It’s not a day full of pampering myself and yet, it’s not about God either…at least the whole day isn’t. Well this is where it leaves me standing. We are to live intentionally, not lives with intentions. Let me say that again, friends, because when God said this to me…it hit me square between the eyes. We are to live INTENTIONALLY, not lives with intentions. BAM! So the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” this holds true. Not that we are going to hell if we don’t DO certain things…because it’s not a works associated salvation…and yet… IF I REALLY love God and I’m consumed with Him…He lives in ALL of me…then these things are done out of love (not a checklist). Wanted to clarify that part before I went on further.

So I am ready to sit down today and make a list of things I WANT to accomplish this summer…ways I WANT to serve and THEN, find ways, make time and INTENTIONALLY make MY schedule work around my serving. Be intentional about giving my day totally to the Lord…not just being in a routine and day is over, then month is over then summer is over then life is over… Whew! What DID I do for the Kingdom? We usually don’t just “happen” upon opportunities to serve and give…we usually have to BE INTENTIONAL about serving, otherwise it just passes us by and we may not even notice. No, I will sit down today and begin to be INTENTIONAL about living this life and serving others. I won’t let my “good intentions” hang in the air because they will get placed on the back burner and be forgotten. I MEANT to do that but didn’t get around to it. I MEANT to go there, help those, love those, serve those, reach those but life got in the way. ☺ Friends, we only have ONE life, so let’s not let our routines, our busyness, our “life” get in the way. Let’s live INTENTIONALLY and then we’ll find that the “good intentions” take care of themselves. Be a blessing!

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