Been RUNNED over

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Been runned over… ☺

Crazy title, right? Maybe. Frequent mornings when I run, it is well before sunrise….such was today. It is wonderful in many ways but also, depending on HOW early…can be worrisome as well. The view is ALWAYS amazing and I can always find beauty…even in the rain, BUT when I run in the summer since I’m out of school…it’s later. Later means “rush to work time” for lots of peeps in my neighborhood…which means driving like a bat out of h*** if you know what I mean. I have had some very near misses with some speedy, not paying attention drivers…despite the fact that I run ON the curb or right next to the curb. I frequently find myself scurrying to the sidewalk for safety when I’m hearing an engine revving behind me, or tires squealing.

So, such was this morning. I was having a nice, peaceful run…lots of heat and humidity but some serious talk with the Lord. I am rounding a corner on my block and I am hearing a loud engine coming up behind me so I hustled through the grass onto the sidewalk. He turned the corner…tires squealing and zoomed past me like I’m sitting still. Just as he passes me I see a little animal try to dart out of the way of his truck but to no avail. He hit the back legs of the animal and it began to scream as it made it up in a neighbor’s yard. I jogged over that way to see and it was a little bunny. UGH!! Broke my heart! Bunnies are out all over our neighborhood in the mornings and some will frequently “run with me” (or should I say ahead of me…but still hop in front of me and wait on me…then hop ahead again and wait). I continue on my run, knowing that there is nothing I can do because it is a mess…crying and flopping and then nothing. Sorry if this grosses you out…I’m not getting very graphic, just giving you some general picture. I’m thinking about the poor bunny…probably one of my running buddies…and the speedy driver. God begins to talk with me. I’m annoyed at the driver…sad for my friend. Wishing I could have done something to KEEP the bunny from being run over…slowing the guy down…hollering at the bunny in the street…whatever! It all happened so fast it took me a minute to grab onto what even happened. So what about this world?? Lots of thought about the situation I just witnessed. So do I get in such a hurry in my life that I don’t see the tender things that God has placed in front of me? Am I on auto-pilot? Cruising along at 90 mph…listening to my radio…texting…zooming around…completely oblivious that others are around me…MAYBE even oblivious that I run over others in my rush or my desire to GET WHERE I WANT AND WHAT I WANT??

What about my poor bunny friend? Well, the obvious is don’t stand in the road and not expect to get run over, right? Little bunny was just minding his own business. Nice early morning crossing the street, not in too much of a hurry until all fury was coming at him. I see myself here sometimes, too. Kind of meandering around…not too much intention or purpose with what I’m doing. I mean, I’m doing something but not going AT it. Thinking that my taking my own sweet time that I’m playing it “safe” when in all actuality I’m even in more danger…maybe danger of complacency. (Col 3:23) Well, one thing is for sure, friends…we live in a broken world. The world (and the enemy) has no love for us. The world will run OVER you if you just sit there. Oh, there were signs that it was coming at the bunny full bore…but the bunny either ignored the signs or didn’t hear it until it was too late. I know more than once in my life I’ve fallen victim to the world…to its call. It is enticing and lulls us into its web then BAM! We get consumed. We get RUNNED OVER. Time for me to not just sit here. Not be complacent. I’ve seen the world run over too many wonderful people. Revelation 3:16 “Because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I will spit you out of my mouth.” Not sure about you but I sure don’t want Jesus spitting me out! Don’t want my tombstone to read, “Done. Was runned over by the world.” Get up today! Get moving! Get your proverbial running shoes on and get after it! Praying for you to find your shoes and get on the path to greatness today…not mediocrity. ☺ Be blessed!

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”